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Kim Madison

They're awesome. We really like them. Thank you,

Fe Vorderlandwehr
Those were such a hit . . . once I showed them exactly what it was! The ladies loved having their hands free. Thanks so much! Fe Vorderlandwehr, Community Activity Center & Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator, 22d Force Support Squadron McConnell AFB, Kansas
Julie Pohl

Arthur Temple College of Forestry and AgricultureThese things are fantastic...I just received one a Church (St. Paul Lutheran, Herrington, KS) was giving away while I was working in Chapman, KS tornado recovery!

Frank B., Shockley, CF
Thanks for the great service.
Thomas Bailey,

I love my bottle eze! Where can I buy three bottle eze in the Olathe or Kansas City area? The one I've had for the past couple of years has worn out the teeth that snap in to the clip. My wife and I have shared this one at Starlight Theatre and I've enjoyed it at the Kansas Speedway.

My friend brought me a bottle eze from her trip this past year to Montana and I just love it, then I gave it to my daughter to take to college, now I need another, and because I work at a non profit Christian camp, I am also in wholesale ordering for our concession stand. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
Alaine Merchant

The bottle holders are selling well. Those who walk seem to be quite interested in them. My goal is simply to get back what I paid for them and I think I will be able to do that. THANK YOU for processing my order so quickly.

Jason Decker
I would like to order one or two cases of your bottle holders, thought I would see how well they would take here in Seattle, WA. I am always asked about the bottle holders from the first time I bought them at the Kansas State Fair and the River fiestival in Wichita. They come in handy when I ride a bike or walk giving me the freedom to carry other things.
Chris Hooper

I just wanted to let you know that the imprinted Bottle Eze carriers were a big hit with our motorcycling group at our 25th Anniv. Party. They were a very useful item and not just some trinket that people would throw away. Thanks for creating such a useful item and for the rapid delivery.

Dianne Downer, The Friendship Force of Perth Australia
We were given a BottleEze whilst touring in Russia from an Australian Friendship Force Member who had purchased it in America. Its been around the world and we could have sold ours hundreds of times over.
Edward E. Cox

We are a 911 Center and we are seeking a nice little stocking stuffer for our employees. I bought one at the KY State Fair and love it, and everyone is always asking me about it. Thanks,

Would it be possible to get 2 dozen of these in a black color? And the cost please.I bought one at a swap meet and all my friends want one. GREAT PRODUCT !!! Thanx,
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